About Henry

Henry is an educational astrometry utility for performing calculations based on a Hertzsprung-Russel (H-R) diagram, such as spectroscopic parallax for working out the distance to a given star.

Unlike many other solutions that use in-built images for their H-R diagrams, Henry plots data directly from the European Space Agency's HIPPARCOS catalogue, allowing increased accuracy while also giving students greater room to experiment by exploring the catalogue themselves.

Henry runs on Windows, Mac OSX, Linux, and anywhere Qt4 and OpenGL are available. It is free (as in speech and beer) and licensed under a BSD-style license.


2007-01-23: qt4 branch releases 0.2

The 0.2 release of Henry-qt4 is now available from the sourceforge download pages. It is progressing well beyond testing stages and is hitherforth the primary release of Henry.

For anybody building from source, the build system has been changed to cmake in this release. Please read the INSTALL file for more details.

2007-01-17: preliminary release of qt4 branch

I'm making a preliminary release of the qt4 branch for anybody who is interested in helping to test it -- please make bug reports via the system! You can download it from the downloads area now -- it is named henry-qt-0.1, with win32 binaries and a source package that will build anywhere qt4 is supported (OSX and other UNIX too).

2008-01-15: current status

Henry is planned to be ported to Qt4/c++ in the near future. This is to provide better cross-platform capability, smoother and faster graphics, and reduced installation hassle. The qt4 branch is in svn and work is well underway. The adventurous may try it out by running:

svn co
qmake && make

2007-08-15: 0.3.4 release

First release on is now up for download!